Hello world, we just went live!

My name is Robin Mayers and I’m official representative of icoshill.com

Here’s what we did and what we offer.
– Maximum exposure.
– Absolute 0 in terms of fees.
– No hidden paywalls, ‘freemium’, account limitations.
– Nice and clean design.
– No eye-poking ads to distract investors.
– No popups.
– Well structured project description.
– Detailed search options.
– Quality links and SEO.
- Pure, simple platform where innovators can tell the world about their projects.

*Read the Benefits article on our website.

Currently we accept ICO, IAO, IDO, IEO, IFO and STO projects.

As founder or team member of a specific project you have access to detailed questionnaire and multiple options that will help describe your project as much as possible.
Please note that writing a long and in-depth description and filling all the suggested options looks way better in the eyes of potential investors than just adding your project name and amount that you want to raise.
It is worth noting that — Investors love to read.

Now back to what information you may share in our platform:

and of course, social accounts.

As you can see, we did our best to keep it as simple and as clean as possible.

On the other side, users/investors have the option to filter out all projects by playing around with multiple search options. More specifically the ones that you provide for your own project.

This is an example project card of what the user will see after searching or just by browsing projects.

!Note — Card contents may change based on user suggestions and/or usability.

You can check the full example project by visiting this page.

I would like to state once more that you will not be charged for listing your project to our platform.
In addition, we have a decent marketing campaign — currently on hold for obvious reasons.
- We just started, we have no projects listed yet.

This however should not pull you back, being among the first on the platform will provide you with maximum exposure, especially during the first few weeks of the lifespan of our platform.
So instead of thinking: ‘there’s nobody there, we should not list’,
think out of the box: ‘we will list first and we will reach every first and next user that this platform gets, all of that at the cost of $0 and 10 minutes of our time’.

I sincerely hope that our platform will help some of you to reach their goals.
If you decide to be part of us and let us be part of you open up an account.

Lets build the digital future together!
[ icoshill.com ]




#ICO, #IAO, #IDO, #IEO, #IFO, #STO — Free Listing & Shill Service.

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#ICO, #IAO, #IDO, #IEO, #IFO, #STO — Free Listing & Shill Service.

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